Friday, 18 April 2014

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As more and more studies are conducted on the health benefits of yogurt, researchers are finding that yogurt can, potentially, add years to the end of your life. This is because yogurt, unlike any of the other foods on this list, contains a good amount of healthy bacteria. Yogurt is made through the fermentation of milk and adds bacteria cultures into the milk. The process causes the transformation of sugar and lactose into lactic acid.
Yogurt is often mixed with fruit to improve it's taste. Not only is yogurt incredibly healthy, it is a quick and easy snack that you can eat anywhere. Also, it goes great with a ton of other healthy foods, such as: fruits, smoothies, salads, oats, granola, etc. Yogurt can be utilized in a ton of different ways, all of which can improve your personal health. Yogurt is, plain and simply, healthy for you.
As mentioned above, the health benefits of yogurt are enormous. Because yogurt contains healthy bacteria, it is separated from most other foods in providing important health benefits. Your body needs healthy bacteria in the digestive tract to get rid of harmful microorganisms. These healthy bacteria are called "probiotics." These probiotics are also the main reason why researchers suggest that yogurt can keep you living longer, because though this healthy bacteria, your immune system can be strengthened.                                                                                  

This healthy bacteria in yogurt is very beneficial to anyone who has gastrointestinal conditions. Yogurt can be helpful for any of the following conditions.
Yogurt, like all of the other foods in this series, can provide weight loss help. Research conducted at the University of Tennessee concluded that people who eat 18 ounces of yogurt per day can lose 22 percent more weight than people who do not eat yogurt on a regular basis. This is partly due to the fact that yogurt is so high in calcium. Calcium signals the fat cells in your body to stop producing cortisol, which is what tells your body to accumulate more fat in a certain area. So, yogurt not only helps you lose weight, but can also help you get rid of your belly fat.
In a recent study, it was concluded that eating yogurt on a regular
basis could reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. Also,
yogurt has been proven to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good
cholesterol (HDL). Also, yogurt may prevent osteoporosis. Yogurt is very high in calcium and vitamin D, both of which have beneficial effects on bone mass. Some other areas in which yogurt is high in are: potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, vitamin B5 and vitamin B12.
There are many reasons why anyone looking for weight loss help and to improve their personal health should start eating more yogurt. It's a quick and easy snack that comes with a ton of health benefits. Don't wait any longer, start utilizing the power of yogurt!
While the majority of yogurt in stores contains these healthy
probiotics, some do not. So, when shopping, always select the yogurt
that is labeled, "live and active cultures" to ensure that you are
getting the healthiest yogurt possible. It is a good idea for anyone looking to lose weight, to select lowfat or nonfat yogurt. Also, organic yogurt, made from organic milk, is becoming more widely available and is the healthiest option you can find.


For centuries now, apples have been considered one of the most nutritious foods available. In ancient Greece, the famous second-century Greek physician, Galen, wrote extensively about the health benefits of eating apples. He concluded that apples have tremendous healing powers.Today, modern science has confirmed his beliefs.
The crisp, white-fleshed fruit has either red, yellow or green skin. The skin, in fact, is the most nutritious part of the apple. It contains the majority of the high amount of antioxidants found in apples. The antioxidants found in apples are: quercetin, epicatechin and procyanidin B2. Apples are also a very good source of fiber and vitamin C.
This delicious fruit has improved personal health for humans for almost 8,000 years. Also, apples can be prepared in a number of ways. The versatility and nutritious value of apples make it an automatic lock on any top 10 superfoods list.
An apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away. It put's him out of business. Apples are ridiculously nutritious and provide a ton of health benefits. If you truly want improved personal health, you should start eating apples everyday.                                                    

Consuming apples regularly can provide a ton of weight loss help in your diet. One study, conducted on women in brazil, found that women who ate three apples each day lost more weight while dieting than the women who did not eat fruit while dieting. This is probably because apples have a high concentration of water and are low in calories. Add to that the fact that apples are very high in fiber and you have a incredible superfood that keeps you fuller longer.
Apples also are key in lowering cholesterol. Pectin, which is found in apples, helps to lower LDL (bad cholesterol). People who eat two or more apples a day can possibly lower their cholesterol by as much as 10%.
In a study conducted on 10,000 people, it was determined that people who regularly eat apples have a 50% less chance of developing lung cancer. This is due to an apples high levels of the flavanoids querectin and naringin. Also, apples are the only food on earth known to contain the flavanoid phloridzin. Studies suggest that phloridzin protects post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and increases their bone density. Boron, which is also found in apples, also helps to strengthen bones. Amazing.
There are many other health benefits of apples including:
Let's face it, if you're looking for a boost to your personal health, apples are a must. With their wide range of health promoting nutrients, apples are definitely worthy of being considered one of the top 10 superfoods.